Day 96 – Sunday 6th April 2014

Kyle Adams 365

Fashion Police!

Today’s picture was taken outside Primark in Watford.

As my fiancée, son and I walked towards Nando’s we happened to spot a police car outside the clothes shop, as we got level another police car turned up and two more police officers went inside. I would imagine there must have been some shoplifting going on, I am only guessing – I wasn’t in the shop and have never bought anything from there.

Just after we walked passed I thought it might make a good picture – to my fiancée’s embarrassment I got my camera out and started taking a few shots! I think this picture works; there is something I really like about it especially with the camera near the floor looking up at the subject slightly.

Day 96

Nikon D7000 w/ NIKKOR 18-105mm

Aperture: f/5.6, Shutter: 1/80, ISO: 100, 32mm



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