Recycled and ecologically designed tins

Ecodesign & interiors

Am pleased to present these 100% ecological and recycled cans, which have been turned into flower vases for a eco-wedding. They will be part of the table decoration for this event but could also be used as a general pot around the house for pens, coins or any other loose item you would like to collect in one place.

So how were they made? Well first of all I washed the tins with environmentally friendly washing up liquid ( yes, -am a bit brainwashed about using all things eco…) then after drying I painted them with ecological paint, in 2 coats, and while that was setting I carefully cut out ornaments and flowers from old vintage curtains which were glued on the tin and left to dry over night. The good thing is that metal tins holds water and works perfectly as vases.  As spring has just begun to reveal…

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