Thinking about projection and trompe l’oeil


Monday 10th March

My plans for project work includes the use of sensory surprises. This includes visual trickery (the ‘endoscope’), incongruous sounds (combining an image with a soundtrack that seems inappropriate to the image theme), incongruous smells (creating a road-kill sculpture with imagery that you view through a peephole but that the piece smells of perfume). But I have become particularly interested in developing the theme of outside not matching what you see inside (as in the pig with its endoscope) by using a projected image and the mould used to cast the pig model as a surface to receive the projection. I am not sure when this thought developed – conversations with  tutor Gary Colclough and looking at his work on-line probably helped sow the seeds. Lots of questions to resolve before I take this further – principally the availability of the right kind of Kodak Carousel projector for 35mm slides, or a suitable digital projector.

Returning from the…

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