Save My *ss Man

Animal Tales

Back when I worked in downtown Phoenix, AZ, there was a rather weird day. This happens a lot in the dog grooming world, so it’s nothing unusual in itself, but this day took a turn for the weird right when I was finishing up and thinking about the long drive home. The phone rang, and both my bosses were busy, so I answered it.

A desperate male voice on the other end didn’t even say hi. Instead, I heard, “Save my ass!”

“Um… excuse me?”

“You have to save my ass!” he repeated.

So it turns out this desperate fellow had bought a puppy for his wife for a special occasion, and she’d of course fallen madly in love with the little baby miniature poodle. So had their young daughter, a very creative four- or five-year-old, who decided the dog needed a haircut. When Daddy got a look at the…

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